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Greetings! I'm Peat Bakke, and I help bootstrap, scale, and fix web oriented companies. I've worked as interrim CTO at several early stage startups, and mentor at PIE, the Portland Incubator Experiment. Generally speaking, I'm an entrepreneurial software developer, a photographer, a speaker, an occasional cyclist, and a collector of odd hobbies.

Over the last fifteen years I have worked with dozens of startups and investment groups, providing leadership and development for sophisticated web applications, including social travel sites, community blogging tools, scalable content management and distribution tools, identity management systems, social media analytics, custom ERP and CRM, and business process management tools. Amongst other things.

You're welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also reach out directly via email at I encourage the use of encryption; if you're inclined, here's my GPG public key.

When I'm not working I enjoy travelling, photography, endurance cycling, and collecting paper money. I also enjoy hanging out with local developer groups (notably the Ruby, webdev, and functional development crowd). I have a long standing fascination with rocketry, and an Erdos number of 3.

I'm always looking for opportunities to research and speak on interesting topics. Recently I've presented at a variety of conferences on photography in abandoned places, Internet use in emerging economies, Amazon's SimpleDB, and the business of contracting as an independent software developer. If you're looking for a speaker, please get in touch!