Posted September 15, 2013

If you use myOpenID to use your personal domain as an OpenID, you're probably aware that the service will be turned off on February 1st, 2014.

I'm happy to say that there is now modern alternative that's free, and a significant upgrade: now supports OpenID delegation.

Like OpenID, allows you to sign into websites using your domain name. Technically speaking, it's an implementation of the open RelMeAuth protocol -- and the server is also open source, so you can run your own copy if you like.

This latest update to IndieAuth brings all of the flexibility of RelMeAuth authentication to the OpenID world, so now you can use the dozens of supported authentication systems to power your OpenID.

Switching to IndieAuth only takes three steps and about five minutes!

Add RelMeAuth Tags To Your Domain's Home Page

To add authentication via GitHub, Twitter, and SMS:

You'll want to change my URLs to yours, of course.

The important part of these links is the rel="me" attribute. This is what IndieAuth looks for when attempting to determine what authentication options to present.

You can show or hide these any way you like, so long as the tags are present in your HTML.

Add OpenID Tags To Your Domain's Home Page

In your <head>, insert the standard OpenID delegation tags:

Note that the openid.delegate value is your OpenID, where the openid.server should remain pointed at

Yes, this is basic delegation. Support for OpenID 2.0 and Yadis discovery may be added in the future.

Use Your OpenID

When you login to your favorite site (say, StackExchange), you will be prompted by IndieAuth to scan your page. If you've set up your rel="me" tags correctly, you'll be presented with a list of authentication providers.

Authenticate with your provider of choice, and your OpenID transaction will be completed by IndieAuth!


Congratulations: you've successfully moved off of -- and gained more control over your identity.

Hat tip to aaronpk for leading the charge on, and for organizing the IndieAuth / OpenID Hackathon.

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