Reach the Beach with #pdxtech

Posted February 1, 2013

If you enjoy writing code and spending way too much time on your bicycle, you should join the #pdxtech team for the century ride on May 18th.

What's the deal?

Reach the Beach is a charity ride, raising money for the American Lung Association. The big ride is about 100 miles, running from Portland to Newport (on the Oregon coast). There are also shorter rides for those of you who want to participate, but aren't up for a full "century" ride.

The ride is fully supported -- there are plenty of rest stops with food and drink provided, as well as mechanics and support vehicles that cruise the route on a regular basis.

The #pdxtech group is laid back and friendly. Our goal is to have a good time with good people.

Anyone is welcome to join the team. Registration is $35, but the organizers expect you to raise an additional $100 -- so for the sake of simplicity, assume that the ride will cost you $135.

We will be organizing practice rides on a regular basis over the next few months. Many of us are coming out of winter hibernation and need to get back in shape!

How do I join?

Go to the team page, and click the (somewhat difficult to find) "Join Team" link.

If you have questions, you're welcome to contact me directly. A lot of us hang out in the #pdxtech IRC channel on Freenode, so come say hi if you're curious.

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