Farewell 52 (almost)

Posted June 26, 2008


[update: The Wife just knocked on my office door and informed me that the buyer backed out moments before they sealed the deal.  Sigh.  We're following up on other offers, but if there's anyone out there in Internet land who wants a kick ass car, ping me immediately!]

We sold our little red Mini Cooper today. It was a bittersweet transaction, but it was the right thing to do -- the baby seat doesn't fit in the back seat, and having insurance and car payments on two cars just isn't worth while for a family with no commuters.

That said, practicality can't substitute for personality, which the Mini has in spades. It's small. It's cute. It's red. It's zippy, and it has big "52" stickers on the doors (I still haven't figured out why). Little kids point and yell "race car!" when it drives by.

We've been Mini nuts since we bought our first in 2003 (a silver Mini One), so I suspect we'll pick up another when we move beyond baby seats and our boring family sedan gives up the ghost. Maybe a Clubman. Maybe there's a hybrid in the future?

Here's to you, 52!

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