Japan - Ichi

Posted August 21, 2007

When: August 21st, 5:50 Where: 35,000 feet over the Bering Sea

Holy crap. I was prepared to spend 10 hours squished between disgruntled sweaty people, but when we handed our boarding passes to the gate attendant, they said the magic words: "Peter and Nova Bakke? You've been upgraded!"

Oh, heavenly bliss! Business class. Hallowed ground of free flowing wine, a menu (a menu!), and lazy-boy chairs of remarkable proportions.

Anyhow. I'm a big fan of flying. I'll go cattle class and enjoy it, so long as I have a window seat. One of the most remarkable things I've ever seen was on a flight over the north Atlantic. It was the middle of the night -- cloudless, clear, with an extraordinarily bright full moon. The ocean was frozen, but breaking up. The ice was a brilliant silver, shattered like a broken mirror in the pitch black water, stretching off into the horizon. Just beautiful.

This time I'm in the middle row, and all I have to watch is a little TV, playing an uncensored copy of Hot Fuzz over and over again. Bonus points for showing a rather gory British comedy, complete with an abundance of amusingly coarse language. Not exactly "beautiful" ... but certainly something special.

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