Office Decoration

Posted May 20, 2007

So, we moved into a new house, and a significantly awesome part of the move is that I finally have my own office/study/hideaway. This isn't just a room we call an "office" because it's where we keep a cat box and a couple of filing cabinets. This is mine, mine, mine. And right now, it's empty. So, I'm trying to fix that.

My first thoughts went straight to a villain's lair. But, it's too small for an intimidatingly large mahogany desk and moody lighting. Indeed, there's nothing remotely intimidating about the space, nor do I have an empire to lord over, so there's no practical use in pursuing a proper villain's lair. Besides, I typically opt for good over evil, and a villain's lair would be terribly expensive to build (volcanos and missile silos don't come cheap, and the maintenance ... phew).

Then I immediately flashed back to my childhood -- I still like Star Wars, cartoons, and construction equipment, but I'd rather not come off as vaguely creepy when I explain to guests that we don't have children. Plus, the real kids in the family might want to play with my toys. I don't want to share, and kids fight dirty anyway. Especially girls. What's up with the hair pulling?

Then there's the "traditional guy" approach. I actually have a lot of old baseball cards and caps I could put up, but I'm not so good with the follow through discussions ("uhh, yeah, so how about that local sports team ... ?"). I'm more "nerd" than "traditional guy" and I wouldn't want to give people the wrong impression. Then again, I don't like it when people ask me to fix their computers.

I do have a lot of cool old cameras and photos to put up. My collection of old paper money is kinda neat. I sense potential there.

Anyhow, I'm terrible at this interior decoration thing, but I'm determined to do it myself.

Anyone else have an office/study/hideaway they're proud of? I'm lookin' for inspiration, so it would be cool to see what other people have done.

Update: James pointed me towards Blik.  Neat big wall decals for grown up people.  Thanks.

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