A Ray of Hope

Posted May 9, 2007

Corporate environments kind of freak me out. The stereotypes are awful -- working in a company with thousands of other people is a soul sucking, beige on beige, cubical farmland of mediocrity.

Coming to the Corporate Communicators Conference has changed my opinion a little bit. There's almost 500 people here, representing some of the biggest corporations in the United States, and it's pretty much a non-stop rally for making work environments more open, more communicative, and more human. At the moment, there's an executive on stage from one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, talking about how uncomfortable it can be to open up on a weekly blog, but how important it is to be genuine, and to respond honestly to critical feedback.

I don't expect the universe to suddenly reorient itself, but it's good to see some cracks in the "nameless, faceless" corporate facade.

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