Petting Zoo Massacre

Posted May 7, 2007

This is the sort of thing that freaks out vegetarians ... and yet ... I'm intrigued:

"The Gracie burger is one of the best things to eat in Portland right now. Like the Hurley burger, Gracie's starts with a hunk of lean Kobe and some foie—but just keeps going. Add two quail eggs, a brioche bun basted in duck fat, bacon mayo with huge chunks of perfectly salty swine, Cantel cheese, foie gras aioli and a bed of frisée that makes the sandwich appear as tall as Yao Ming, and you have a serious food addiction. This burger represents so many distinct (and lovable) animals that it ought to be called the Petting Zoo Massacre."
Hell yes.

(thanks to Willamette Week and Mike Thelan for the fine review)

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