Caboose Obscura

Posted January 21, 2007

Justin and I hit the industrial sections of town today, to take photos with his new pinhole camera. Armed with sheet film of dubious quality, we scrambled around train yards and industrial districts looking for odd and interesting things to shoot.

One of the treasures we located was an abandoned caboose. Old, graffiti'd, and worn ... but still reasonably clean, with no trash or bad odors. I had the impression someone was looking after it, although we didn't find anything that wasn't supposed to be there: just a wood stove, a couple of folding desks, and a vinyl upholstered bed.  Sparse, but cozy.

I love finding these sorts of things. Neglected pieces of history that aren't useful or relevant today, so they're thrown out or abandoned ... and rediscovered in unexpected ways.

It's been a good weekend.

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