iPhone Developer Kit

Posted January 10, 2007

Hey Apple ... where are the goodies for the developers?

A new phone-internet-music device has to be more than a shiny sealed box to spark a revolution -- it has to be an a platform where independent developers have the ability to create the next generation of portable, network enabled applications. But, searching for "iphone" on the Apple Developer site reveals nothing, and Google doesn't shed any light on the matter either.

My inner developer is worried.

But I have hope: Apple has a healthy tendency to provide development tools and information well before their corresponding products are released, so with an expected shelf date in June, my fingers are crossed for a developer-friendly announcement in the near future. Plus, the web site and His Steveness advertise "powered by OS X," and all the great frameworks that come with it -- if it's a closed platform, why tell us about Core Animation and Sync Services?

What kind of apps would you like to see on an iPhone ... and what kinds of developer goodies lurk within?

Update: Gizmodo interviews some VPs at Apple, and reports that it is a closed system.   Ray links to a nifty sixfoot6 list of things we want the iPhone to do ...

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