Targeted Search Engines, Redeux

Posted July 13, 2006

Here's a little snapshot from the Google Analytics dashboard for one of my clients. Why is this interesting? Because targeted search engines account for about 75% of the total traffic to the site.

It's missing figures about how the Google and Yahoo visits break down, so I'll fill them in:

  • ~ 70% of the Google traffic is from Froogle. The rest is a mix of AdWords and organic searches. I suspect that three quarters or more of the Froogle traffic is from link placement at the top of normal Google searches for the products this store carries.
  • ~90% of the Yahoo traffic is from Yahoo! Shopping. The rest is organic.
One of the big issues with their site is that it's based on osCommerce -- a nightmarish morass of antiquated technology, best described with words invented by dockworkers. osCommerce is notorious for being search engine unfriendly (amongst other things), and is one of the big reasons the organic searches account for such a small amount of traffic.

Despite the problems with their e-commerce platform, I worked with them to plug their catalog into targeted search engines, and their sales grew 1500% over the course of three months.

I'll post more numbers after we roll out their new site, and we'll see how good markup and better technology makes a difference.

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