Woot.com - A Different Approach

Posted June 30, 2006

My buddy Doug pointed me towards an interesting e-commerce site: woot.com

Woot.com is built around a really simple and interesting idea: Sell one product at a time, or in their words "One Day, One Deal."

Today it's a photo printer and digital camera combination selling for $79.99. Tomorrow it's ... no body knows! Sometimes they put anonymous items for $1 -- you don't know if you're going to get a used set of Rush Limbaugh ties, or a new 23" flat panel monitor. It's like the lottery, and people get hooked. Some die hard fanatics check at midnight, every night, to try to score the big ticket items that occassionally come through the system.

Don't you wish your site had die hard fanatics?

Update: As davebug noted, Overstock.com is an advertiser but doesn't run Woot.com.

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