Posted June 23, 2006

I found my box of old German bank notes today, and it renewed my interest in paper money. "Yeah," you say, "I'm interested in paper money too!" Well, I'm not interested in that way. I'm interested in bills from interesting places and times, and I have been for as long as I can remember. As a little kid I designed my own currencies for a lunar colony I built with Lego bricks. Terribly ugly stuff, but never-the-less an interesting venture.

What is it about paper money? I think it's a combination of the feel of the paper and printing, the colors and designs, and the inherent story of obsolete or devalued money: that people once had faith that it was worth something more than paper and ink.

So, bit by the bug again, I spent some time on eBay this evening. Fortunately, this stuff is pretty cheap! A set of 13 Iraqi Dinar notes is less than ten bucks; likewise for a set of 35 miscellanious bills from Asia and South America.

Anyhow, I'm keen to see if anyone reading this is interested in this sort of thing.

Update:  The notes have arrived!  Check out "Money in the Mail" for more info.

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