Posted June 18, 2006

Ray and I built a nifty little app for RailsDay, and you can see it live at

What is cupping? From the FAQ: Cupping is to coffee what tasting is to wine. The app is a tool for coffee afficianados to track their favorite coffees and find new ones to try.

What is RailsDay? It's a 24 hour coding competition. We build Cuppin' from scratch in 24 hours -- all of the software, all of the graphics, everything. If you're curious to see and read about what we did, check out our project blog at

What's next? We'll see! The judges will be busy judging the apps for the next few weeks, and other folks will be putting their sites online for the public to demo.

So, cheers to all of the other participants out there, and happy Fathers Day!

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