The 18th Edition

Posted June 16, 2006

Ten years and 18 editions later, The Pages o' Peat get (yet another) face lift. After the last six months of wrangling sloppy software, I've decided to take my blog to the fine folks at WordPress. It looks great, it's solid, and the tools for managing content are pretty darned fabulous.

In honor of this event, I'm going to be scouring the Wayback Machine for previous editions of The Pages, starting when I first aquired

So -- hats off to the WordPress team, and here's to another ten years of sporadically posted and marginally entertaining content!


I've backfilled a lot of the Hong Kong and New Zealand posts, and I even managed to dig up the first ever post from May of 1999 ... back before blogging was blogging. Damn. I feel old school.

Ten Years and Counting: The Wayback Machine has a copy of one of my original web pages from 1996. This is almost embarasing. Almost. Heh. You can even read about my pet fish, and my AWESOME collection of links from the stone ages of the web.

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