New Ghidorah

Posted June 4, 2006

I have good luck with computers -- most of the time.

This time, Ghidorah (the MacBook) is now on it's third revision. The first one was having strange battery troubles and wouldn't hold a color profile; the second one was D.O.A. with a busted keyboard; and now, the third ... well, we'll see.

That said, I had a pretty easy time with the folks at the Washington Square Apple Store. Instead of making me wait for maintenance, they've given me a fresh new laptop after diagnosing the issues, so I've had that "Ohh! New Laptop!" experience three times in the last few days. It's been glorious, except for brief interludes of cursing bad hardware.

My only beef is that they tried to upsell me to a MacBook Pro when I mentioned the color profile issues. Also, it seems strange that they don't have a good color calibration rig in the store. With so many professionals depending on color correct displays from Apple, it seems like they could make a tidy sum offering a color profiling service.

Anyhow, I think we're back in action.

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