Welcome, Ghidorah

Posted May 19, 2006

All of my Macs since 2000 have been named after Godzilla monsters:

  • Godzilla, the 400MHz G4 PowerMac
  • Mothra, the 600MHz G3 iBook
  • Ebirah, the 800MHz G4 iBook
.. and now Ghidorah, the 1.83GHz MacBook.

My first impressions are quite favorable. The keyboard has exellent action, it’s quite fast, it’s very quiet, and the screen is superb. I was a little worried about the “glossy” finish at first, but it’s a non-issue.

I’ve named it Ghidorah, because it’s the first iBook to offically support multi-head displays. And it kicks ass and apparently breathes fire if you’re running CPU intensive programs.

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