Posted April 14, 2006

Today's my birthday, and my fine friends and cow-orkers at PLANET ARGON wrangled some excellent presents:

  • A bulk pack of blank, white, 3x5 index cards. Brilliant. Possibly the most useful and versitile tool ever invented. Not only can they be used to Get Things Done and organize day to day tasks, but they can also be folded into paper footballs and/or throwing stars to entertain and/or defend the office.
  • A compact Fisher Space Pen. Not only is it sleek and shiny, but it also (apparently) can be used in the boiling, freezing, upside-down, and otherwise exciting environment of outer space. If the Martians ever get hot for Rails, I'll be ready for the sales call.
  • A gift card to the local bakery and coffee roaster that jump starts my mornings.
Good times!

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