Germany I: Noch eins, bitte!

Posted April 8, 2003

I've been back in Portland for a handful of months, and I'm already restless. Time to move to yet another continent: Europe. Thanks to the good people at adidas, my girlfriend and I are moving to Germany for two years, in the pursuit of adventure, new friends, and terrifying quantities of good beer and sausage.

Here's how the story goes:

Last year, while I was living and studying in New Zealand, my girlfriend remained in Portland. It's pretty lame having a long distance relationship, so we decided that we were going to live together this year, regardless of wherever we happened to be. At the time, we thought that place would be New Zealand, where I could continue to study and perhaps end up with a degree in a couple of years.

Alas, it was not to be: I was burning out on school, starting my web services company, and Nova wasn't confidient she could find a job she enjoyed doing in New Zealand, even if they gave her a work permit. At about the same time, things were shaken up at adidas -- a little high level reorganization shuffled her boss over to Germany, and provided the window of opportunity for us to be together, doing the things we like to do, in an interesting place far, far away.

So, we took it, and I haven't had any regrets since. In fact, I can't think of an easier way to move. Adidas is an amazingly accomodating company, providing airfare, covering moving expenses, and helping us find a place to live.

We took a house hunting trip in February, which was a heap of fun. We stayed in a hotel in Erlangen, a small town outside of Nurmberg in southern Germany. Nova's work friends showed us around town, and gave us the low down on German living. We spent a day zooming around with a relocation agent, trying to find a nice apartment for us and our cats. A distant family friend (by way of my step-mother's sister's husband) gave us a splendid tour of a few Bavarian sites, including some amazing churches and castles.

Now I'm busy wrapping up loose ends here in town, trying to see all my friends before we leave, and trying to stay somewhat sane while we ship all of our earthly belongings. We leave on April 13th, the day before my birthday .. I think we'll have a great time.

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