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Posted April 25, 2002

Strange things are afoot at the Pages o' Peat. It's been redesigned .. again! Yargh! I think this has been happening about every six months for the past seven years, so that would make this the 14th edition. Wow. I can't believe I lasted longer than, the finest site that ever was. R.I.P.

What's this site have that the previous didn't? Running travelogues from my adventures around the world. Photographs. Witty commentary. A sleek, stylish, extra sexy new look that just screams "I'm rich and professional." How's that for ironic?

But enough about that -- what else is new in the world of Peat? Well, yesterday was ANZAC day, so the University closed down. Getting back into the swing of things after a three week vacation is proving harder than I previously thought. The university people seem determined to prevent us students from staying too busy, I suppose. It may have something to do with their budget: they've fired lots of staff members, and I think they're running several million dollars in debt. Ouch. I'm pretty certain the government will step in pretty soon to rectify things, but for now tensions will be running a little high around campus.

In other news, I'm starting in on a new photography project. I'm going to be taking head shots of notable people I've met down here -- some of my professors, jiu-jitsu instructors, fellow students, and other assorted troublemakers. The problem is that I don't have any of my fancy lighting equipment down here, so I'm trying to figure out if I should build some of my own, or have my stuff in the States shipped to me. I'll probably end up doing both. The piece I'm considering building is a square version of a fashion ring light, built with fluorescent light fixtures. We'll see what the budget has to say about it.

My birthday came and went, and I haven't been rivered yet, so I'm keeping my lips sealed. I have no desire to get tossed in that muddy canal they call a river. Thanks to those who sent me cards and presents! They're wonderful. The space-age foam pillow Nova sent me was particularly cool. I used to steal her's in the middle of the night, and I've been missing it since I left.

beer Dinner tonight will probably be skip-able. They always cook up something greasy and extra starchy on Fridays, in an attempt to prevent the unfortunate consequences of "youthful exuberance at the bottle shop and in pubs." That's straight from the student handbook. Anyhow, I've got the hankering for some soup -- I've been on a real soup kick recently, after visiting a Cambodian restaurant and devouring a bowl of chicken satay soup. Wow. Delicious. Goes well with all sorts of forms of youthful exuberance.

The weather's starting to get cold and damp. It's weird thinking that winter is right around the corner .. I mean, it's late April, spring should be in the air. I'm going to have some difficulty dealing with a winter without Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, three of my favorite holidays. Hopefully the snowboarding will be good, otherwise all will have been lost.

My mission for this week is to take more pictures of my friends and the places I hang out, so that all ya'll can see what is I do and see on a regular basis. If you browse through previous entries on this site, you'll find that I've added some images to spice things up a little. In particular, I've added some to the Hong Kong series, and you'll find a couple with the others about New Zealand.

Anyhow, it's time to go find something to nibble on. Have a good weekend!

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